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  1. Where's The ROI?

    To further drive this point home, JupiterResearch shared some astounding findings at the TravelThink 2008 meeting convened by Google last week in New York City. I asked them what the ROI was on their yellow pages ad.

  2. SEMDirector Offers Accountability to Enterprise SEMs

    The biggest problem reported by advertisers across the board was rising keyword prices, which topped the list for advertisers of all sizes in a recent JupiterResearch SEM Executive Survey. One way SEMDirector helps improve ROI is by assess keywords...

  3. JupiterResearch Reveals SEM Executive Survey Findings

    Those are two of the findings from a new JupiterResearch report, "US SEM Executive Survey, 2007: Understanding the Increasingly Sophisticated Search Marketer," released Tuesday afternoon at Search Engine Strategies New York.