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Roger Barnette

  1. The New Attribution: Smart Marketers and User-Based Media Optimization

    Search marketing is growing up. We've been saying this for some time, but growth and maturity continues in our industry. It's gratifying to see. It's always useful to look at what the smart marketers are doing to see where the industry is heading.

  2. Retailers Increase Spend on Search in Time for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    The increase on search spend among retailers is promising for the state of the search market overall," said Roger Barnette, CEO of SearchIgnite. Research released from SearchIgnite suggest a strong Q4 for the U.S.retail sector ahead of Black Friday...

  3. Paid Search Spend up 12% in Q4 2008

    Still, Roger Barnette, President of SearchIgnite, suggests that in all the confusion there is opportunity for the technologically innovative. Retailers were more aggressive with their paid search spend in the first half of the quarter compared with...