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Rocket Science

  1. Didit Buys Inceptor to Co-Promote SEO, Shopping Feed Services

    Lee’s fellow co-founder and Didit President, Dave Pasternack, famously panned SEO back in 2007 in a lengthy exchange with several industry personalities in what will forever be known as “The SEO Is Not Rocket Science” debate.

  2. 5 Things Digital Marketers Can Learn from Traditional Marketers

    This Isn't Rocket Science There, I said it. I know we in the digital space are extremely passionate and like to think of ourselves as the best at everything, and while that’s true in large part, there are some key areas where we can and should...

  3. Conductor Aims To Conduct Culture Of SEO Throughout Your Organization Via Searchlight

    SEO Is Not Rocket Science, But Companies Act Like It Is A cold and a secret war against Google, the reputation of the SEO skill set is in its ascendency, but like rocket science, it is not something that the average business owner cares to truly...

  4. Why Settle for Best Practices?

    Nor is it to say that all agencies don't understand SEO or that it's rocket science. When teaching your clients to fish for SEO, some clients that would like to manage this tactic underestimate the amount of work or expertise associated with it.

  5. There's No Shortcut to Good SEO...Or Is There?

    SEO isn't "rocket science," but it requires real work. In life and business, I've always felt that there are no shortcuts. You work hard and build a successful life. You reap what you sow. Nothing good in life comes from a lack of effort.

  6. Meet the Conference Speakers at SES London 2009 – Part 1

    It isn't rocket science. Search Engine Strategies (SES) London is coming up Feb. If the economy in the anything like the economy in the U.S.then somebody somewhere in your organization is going to ask why you're planning to spend four days...

  7. Google AdWords Quality Score -- That's Old-School for SEO

    When I say "strategy," it doesn't have to be rocket science. And I've been listening to the complaints. In case you aren't aware, or don't participate in PPC search on Google via AdWords, there's a new sheriff it town and his name is "Buildapage.

  8. A Seat at the Table for Web Analytics

    This is "rocket science" and no amount of simplified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a customized dashboard for your boss will change that. I just got back from speaking on a multivariate testing panel at eMetrics in San Francisco.