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Robots Meta Tag

  1. SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines

    Then the internal search results page included the meta robots tag using noindex, nofollow. During audits, I've seen the canonical URL tag botched so many times that I can't even count anymore. And if you do want to implement the canonical URL tag...

  2. Top Google Website Optimization Resources

    If you're having DNS issues, server connectivity issues, problems reaching the robots.txt file, or a laundry list of 404 errors, you can review them here and begin fixing them. Similar to Google Authorship, linking your Google+ page using the rel...

  3. How to Quickly Identify Duplicate Content With a Site Crawl

    Meta Data: Will display any Meta Robots Noindex tags The Canonical Tag Can Save You from the Duplicate Content Monster Meta Data Meta Refresh Meta Refresh: This is occasionally used to redirect users Glancing to the right it’s obvious that Meta...

  4. How To Use HTML Meta Tags

    Here are the four implementations of the Robots Meta Tag and what they mean. Robots Meta Tag The robots meta tag lets you specify that a particular page should not be indexed by a search engine or if you do or do not want links on the page followed.