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Robot Txt

  1. SearchDay | Putting the 'Search' in Research

    Join the discussion robot.txt not in root. I have been reviewing how they set up the robot.txt file and found something strange. Putting the 'Search' in Research SEW EXPERTS: BIG BIZ Knowing your customer is critical to reaching them effectively...

  2. Giving Links Away

    So, the end result of blocking all those files and directories in a completed robot.txt file would look like this: Controlling Link Flow Using Robots.txt You can also add this information to your robots.txt file.

  3. Publisher Groups To Test New Search Engine Rights Management System (Updated)

    Effectively, ACAP will be a technical solutions framework that will allow publishers worldwide to express use policies in a language that the search engine's robot “spiders” can be taught to understand.

  4. Copyrights, Trademarks and Search Engines

    However, even though web site owners can remove their own graphic images from a search engine index, the search engine's robot isn't smart enough to remove the same images from other sites. For example, if all of a site's graphic images are...