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  1. The Year in Search: A 2008 Review

    Free Ringtones Several search engines compiled the top searches in several categories for 2008, offering a glimpse into what was top of mind for searchers. Recaps from Google Zeitgeist; Yahoo Buzz; AOL's hot searches; top search terms at

  2. Those Mysterious Quality Scores: Fundamentally Simple

    So, for example, an advertiser could choose to pay high bid prices for high-volume keywords like "Ally McBeal" and display an ad for Janet Jackson ringtones. This week, I'm going to interrupt our discussion of ad testing to demystify a concept that...

  3. SearchDay | Killer PPC Ads: The Final Word

    Additionally, users will see ringtones, wallpaper, gaes and other content for their phones. David Szetela Killer PPC Ads: The Final Word PROFITABLE PPC These simple guidelines will pave the way to pay-per-click nirvana: double-digit click-through...

  4. Find Free Cash Online with Search Engine

    Free cash is better than free chat, free movies, free hugs, free books, free iTunes, free agents, free ringtones, free screensavers, free downloads, duty-free shops, free video games, free TV, gluten-free, free software and even free search engine...

  5. Microsoft to Launch "Live Search Cashback"

    A completed gives earns tickets toward prizes, such as Zune accessories, song downloads and ringtones. The major Microsoft Live Search announcement scheduled for tomorrow will be the official launch of a new product: Microsoft Live Search Cash Back.

  6. Social Media Marketing in an Enterprise Environment

    Typically, ringtones and low- or no-cost software has a high ROI. What is social media and how can I use it within my overall online strategy? That's an excellent question I hear time and time again from large companies.

  7. Advertising Placements by Industry and Top Sponsored Links, April 2007

    Flycell free+ringtones cingular+ringtones ringtones The data are provided by Nielsen//NetRatings. Advertising Breakdown by Industry, March and April 2007 Industry Total Impressions, April 2007(M) Total Impressions, March 2007(M)