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  1. 5 Fast Facts about the EU's Privacy Ruling on Google

    On May 13, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the highest court in Europe, ruled against Google in a landmark privacy case, asserting that EU citizens have a "right to be forgotten. As a controller, it's responsible for the links it provides in...

  2. Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

    If your site is ecommerce, or you’re using encrypted pages to protect visitor privacy on a form or elsewhere, you’ll want to check your certificate on launch day. For example, share a page versus “Like” you on Facebook.

  3. Insights From 7th Graders About Google, Smartphones, Panda, Privacy & Paid Search

    I was amazed at how much the class retained, how interested they were in digital marketing, and how my points about privacy resonated with them. I was amazed at how much they retained, including information about Google, Facebook, Panda, Penguin...

  4. Facebook’s Graph Search: the Ultimate Personalized Discovery Engine?

    It really does seem like Facebook is on to something BIG with Graph Search:

  5. Supercharge Your Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Structure CRO & Win

    Shorten Privacy Policy and Small Print: Make the small print useful and human friendly. Twitter and Facebook are key with Google+ growing in importance from a Google perspective. Think about using Facebook/Twitter log-ins if you really need them...

  6. Google Launches Knowledge Graph, 'First Step in Next Generation Search'

    Over at ZDNet, Google-watcher Christopher Dawson points out that these are the first new search features born of Google’s new privacy policy and the slew of AI data afforded them because of it. That’s because it is, although as many of us Google...