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Right Brain

  1. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    We're not talking about doing brain surgery here or selling pharmaceuticals. Thirty percent of large companies and 24 percent of agencies are unable to adequately distinguish between individuals with the right skills, and those without.

  2. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Chinese Google’ Opens Artificial-Intelligence Lab in Silicon Valley – WiredBaidu's new lab is researching "deep learning", described as "an emerging computer science field that seeks to mimic the human brain with hardware and software") not too...

  3. Say Goodbye to AdWords Average Position, Hello to Top of Page Rate

    Because your brain looks at average position and thinks "cool, that's where my ads appeared" you could potentially be tricked. You will typically find a jump in CTR of 10x-15x by getting into the banner, compared to the right hand side or bottom of...

  4. Social PR Tips to Get Fit for 2013 Digital Marketing

    If you are a digital marketer connected in any way to driving results in local markets, you need to begin orienting your brain toward the unique set of local seo best practices that help you rank high in local search results,” noted Denny.