SEO News


  1. Video Search 101, Part 2

    Some of the most notable video sharing sites are YouTube, MetaCafe, Viddler, Revver, and Vimeo. Microsoft launched Bing, their new search engine, in the time since "Video Search 101, Part 1" was posted last week.

  2. Video From The Professionals

    Both Brightcove and Revver will be there, getting deals with as many players as possible. Everyone will be hawking their video wares at the NATPE conference this week. Some 8,000 attendees are expected in Las Vegas.

  3. Dispatch from Supernova

    Oliver Luckett from Revver, which has been hosting the famous Diet Coke and Mentos video from EepyBird, says the video's creators have now netted $23,000 in revenues from their video over 13 days. In fact, Mentos has now come forward to sponsor...