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  1. 4 Google Changes and How Online Merchants Can Adapt

    This month Google begins using Google+ user information to accompany products in the form of user reviews, advertisements, and similar material. Encourage customer reviews through sites like Ekomi and via Comparison Shopping Engines.

  2. 3 Mobile Marketing Must Haves for the Holiday Season

    Sure you can leave that process up to the user as they utilize search engines and local directory applications – but who’s to say they won’t stumble upon your competitor in the process? Mobile search and display advertisements should include...

  3. Searcher Intent: Why Vertical Search is Now Giving Ground to Core Search

    With continued acquisitions of vertical search providers like Google’s acquisition of ITA for travel search or Zagat for restaurant reviews, the core search engines appear focused on this type of searcher intent and I would expect their results...

  4. Travel Search 2.0 -- Know Your Audience

    It's no longer enough to just push rates and dates -- publishers must blend together a variety of information, including maps, user reviews, editorial reviews, images, a community platform, sharing widgets and bookmarking tools for trip planning...