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Return Path

  1. Avoid SEO Hype: Why Small Businesses Should Focus on Return on Investment

    SEO is a very popular migration path from PPC, and 93 percent of marketers plan to use content marketing in 2014. As always, there are contradicting viewpoints on small business SEO and the guidance from Google is, well, confusing at best.

  2. Google's Matt Cutts on Search vs. Social: Don't Rely on Just One Channel

    So yes, this is another case where Google is praising good content as being the best path forward, because that is what the end user wants to see. The goal is always the same, to return the highest quality set of search results.

  3. Why Real-Time Bidding is Set to Become Huge

    Expect programmatic buying products and services to pave the path for advertisers to achieve high returns which may not have been possible with traditional display. However, it is up to the campaign managers to ensure return on investment is reached.

  4. 5 New Website Vulnerabilities Straight from Black Hat & DEF CON

    All you need to know is that your website needs to be protected, that it's easy it is these days to get infected, and the path to start on to protect yourself. With this tool, you can enter the type of vulnerability you're seeking, hit enter...

  5. Integrating Owned, Earned & Paid Media For Better SEO

    This requires the social media marketer to think like an SEO and use keywords and phrases that put the brand and the conversations in which the brand engages, in the path of target audiences. However, our social media efforts always return on the...

  6. 3 Ways Attribution Modeling Can Help You Work Smarter, More Effectively

    And since you shouldn't be optimizing campaigns for impulsive shoppers, but for the vast majority of thoughtful consumers, it becomes clear that attribution models with path analysis and channel interactions are necessary for brands to attract new...

  7. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    A person coming in from email is likely to have a really different path and action than someone from organic, and so on. To help you understand what's going on in the conversion funnel, you have access to more data than ever before, have...