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  1. How the 'Digital Endcap' Can Help Improve Online Retailers’ Bottom Lines

    The holiday retail season is upon us and once again billions of dollars will be spent on advertising to drive sales and profit during the most important time of year. Success in online holiday retail requires the efficient use of digital...

  2. SEMPO Tells Government: Don't Censor Search Engines

    While it's certainly true that the Internet is a different space that the brick-and-mortar retail world, it's appropriate to treat it as we do most normal space. Imagine a scenario in the physical world where a large company – let's say Walmart...

  3. Microsoft Launches Live Search Cashback and Live Search Farecast

    According to eMarketer Inc.and other industry data, retail is projected to grow to $335 billion by 2012, and today 68 percent of all those retail transactions begin at a search engine. The fee is a percentage of the retail price, and...

  4. Think Universal, Act Local

    For example, a search for the term "flat screen television" will, in most cases, convert offline at some point down the road (no pun intended).eMarketer reports that search influenced almost $500 billion in retail activity last year.