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  1. HVB wins with placements and self-directed products

    We are getting a good response from retail investors, as we help them take a capped participation in equities or fund underlyings that is paid out as a coupon with 90% or 95% capital protection," says Juliane Bürger, head of private investor...

  2. Green is the colour of choice for BNP Paribas in France

    A leader in the listed space, BNPP introduced new ways this year to reach its retail and private clients in France online and via their mobile devices. BNP Paribas (BNPP) showed this year that its commitment to green goes beyond the colours in its...

  3. 4 Pitfalls to Avoid Heading Into the Holidays

    The National Retail Federation is forecasting the largest growth year since 2011, with 4.1 percent growth. is forecasting digital to growing 8 to 11 percent given the growth of mobile and online shopping as a consumer behavior.

  4. Mobile, the Ultimate Shopping Assistant, Says Google

    Customers, too, are already thinking about what they’re going to buy their loved ones and they’re turning to online retail stores to do so. It is no coincidence that between 2010 to 2013 in-store visits have dropped by 55 percent, yet retail store...

  5. 49% of U.K. Consumers Use Organic Search to Find Online Retailers [Study]

    Amazon has a huge amount of data on consumer demand," says Kaufman, adding that there isn’t any other retail website that has that volume of online consumer behavior available. But they have a lot of work to do – especially when competing with...

  6. 24-Hour Breakdown of Searches on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    If the retail economy was a country by itself, its GDP would rank number 22 in the world. It’s clear this is a significant time for people searching and retail advertisers. Retail advertisers already know how vital the holiday season is.

  7. Back to School 2014 Trends: How Search Marketers Can Get Ready Now [Study]

    And gave the following ideas in preparation for the retail event: For more information, including search trends, top websites and retail products for back to school, and tips and ideas on how to prepare, check out the full report here.