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  1. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    Will the pages show up in mobile search results? Does [VENDOR NAME] reporting break down easily to view results by location, region, or brand? Can [VENDOR NAME] provide results from Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitoring from the past 90 days?

  2. Mobile Implementation Errors Cost Sites 68% of Organic Smartphone Traffic [Study]

    These errors result in a poor experience for users, and Google has said that sites that don't provide a good mobile experience may not be able to compete as well in the search results. However, when it comes to implementation errors, the results...

  3. YouTube to Censor Search Results From Artists Who Rebuff New Streaming Music Service

    Not to mention that users expect a video search engine to return relevant results for an artist's name, which YouTube can't do if it's busy blocking the artist's content as a negotiating tactic with their label.

  4. Yandex's Sibir Reverse Image Search Technology is Pure Awesome

    It then transforms the photo into numerical representations of the photo's key features, a process that is referred to as a set of "visual phrases. Reverse image search gives results not based on a word search but on a search of visual content.

  5. The Difference Between App to App and Web to App Advertising

    The chart below has the same matrix set up but shows the results if you want to measure event attribution (versus install attribution as above). As you start developing your mobile campaigns, you'll want to make sure you have the right technology...