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  1. A New Direction for SEO in 2014: The Secure Search Manifesto

    Any fundamental shift in a market brings with it opportunity but also resistance and fear. Secure search ensured that adapting to change was no longer an option but a necessity. Adapting to the epic change and shift in our market requires adapting...

  2. The Social CEO: 6 Reasons Why the CEO Must Lead the Way

    Resistance to change Resistance to change is human. However, if a CEO is resistant to change, there may be much more to worry about than social media. A recent study revealed that 68 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs have absolutely no presence in social...

  3. 2010 Search Predictions: The Experts Weigh In

    Many companies that have changed their concept have usually been met with resistance. As they continued to change their focus away from what made them popular, they started to lose their loyal audience and that, in the end, has only hurt them.

  4. Combating SEO Implementation Paralysis

    Similar recommendations that are met with initial resistance include those around the use of 301 permanent redirects, the repositioning of JavaScript or other code, or the rewriting of URLs. Developing a rapport with the IT department can be tough...

  5. Battling Click Fraud is Important for All Involved

    Much like the series, the resistance (fraudsters) uses technology against its own inventor to a clip of over 30 percent. The real step that needs to be taken is for Shuman and Tom to kiss and hug, and join forces against the "resistance," which isn...

  6. How to Survive a Recession ... In Search

    Separate the good from the bad internally (go back and read the do not portion of Number 3), provide coaching, and adjust your timelines so that critically important objectives can still be met with the least amount of resistance.

  7. Sales and Your Search Marketing Agency - Part 2

    You may come up against resistance from them. For example, what do you do if they won't change landing pages or correct issues you highlight as barriers to a sale? Anatomy of a Sale In search marketing the typical sale plan differs slightly from...