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  1. Happy Birthday, AltaVista!

    Monier, who had no knowledge of networks, assembled a team of researchers who built the various components that we recognize today as the core parts of a search engine. It was an immediate hit -- more than 300,000 searchers used the engine on its...

  2. The Search Engine Update, July 1, 2002, Number 128

    The SEC's EDGAR database is an absolutely essential resource for business researchers, and recent upgrades have vastly improved its search interface. A new book shows you how, with profiles of eleven super searchers who've succeeded on their own.

  3. The Search Engine Update, December 18, 2001, Number 115

    In Super Searchers Cover the World, some of the world's best international business researchers share tips, techniques and secrets that help you avoid being a stranger in a strange land. Super Searchers Cover the World SearchDay, Dec.http...