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  1. Combining Social & Content to Earn Visibility & Earn $$$

    Lead nurturing: Finding people who are interested in your products/services When you've got the results, look for patterns in the responses, and pay close attention to the actual words they use, this is the purest form of keyword research you can do.

  2. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    Keyword Research Not much here has changed except the tactics of how you go about understanding which words are being used by your audience to search for your products, services, or content. Keyword research is still the same exercise in human...

  3. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    Another factor that supports the incorporation of personalized content comes from Forrester research, which found that 90 percent of cart abandonment leads go cold within one hour and the likelihood of conversion diminishes as the clock ticks away.

  4. 4 Critical Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Team

    Has the prolific ability to develop new topics, research, and find a unique spin on tried and true topics What competitors they consider to be a real, viable alternative to your products or services. Here's a closer look at the different functions...

  5. Facebook Custom Audiences: 7 Strategies Marketers Can Start Using Today

    For example, a customer may use a mobile app to research flights, but only consider purchasing the flight on his laptop. You can now reengage website visitors based on the products, services, or destinations they last viewed on their websites.

  6. Click to Call, Cross-Device Conversions Deliver AdWords Revenue Lift for 1-800-Flowers

    Google data in 2013 examined categories such as local services, auto, tech, travel, finance and beyond to see how likely people would be to use a click-to-call feature for services in that industry. In fact, research from Google indicates 70...