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  1. Local Search Listings: Most Relevant Search Results Regardless of Medium

    However, that same person, who just left a meeting on 32nd and Park Avenue also might be willing to visit any number of upscale steak restaurants within walking distance. In fact, more local business searches are conducted without a specific...

  2. Google Will Overtake Facebook in Display Ad Sales by 2013 [Report]

    Menlo Park, CA-based Facebook will still dominate this year, raking in $2.6 billion to Google's $2.5 billion in display ad revenues. New York-based eMarketer doesn't orchestrate primary research, instead balancing numbers from various other sources...

  3. B2B Search Engine Marketing: Goals for 2011

    Will 2011 be a walk in the park? Instead of getting overwhelmed with production volume, consider developing a handful of high quality pieces (white papers, research, etc.and using that material as the basis for shorter articles, blog posts...

  4. Skype Moves Near Facebook HQ To Consolidate Mobile, Consumer Electronics Segments

    In a company blog post Skype Expands In Silicon Valley, Silverman said the current 80 employees already working for Skype in San Jose and Brisbane would relocate to the new Stanford Research Park offices "as early as October 2010.

  5. SES Day 1 Keynote: David Meerman Scott [LIVE BLOG]

    He's launches right into a story about launching the Harry Potter theme park. Do you have research that shows otherwise? DMS: I don't have research. And we're done. Time for panels, expo room, etc. Follow me on Twitter (@nlj) and stay tuned for...

  6. Searching for Something to Watch

    The deal is sweetened when you throw in South Park Studios and streaming movies offered with my existing Netflix membership. All told, 90 percent of network shows and 20 percent of cable shows are available for free online, according to Forrester...

  7. SearchDay: What Can TV Learn from Search?

    Park advises: Have . Yahoo's Conversion Tips: Optimize, Navigate and Track Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 11, 2008 Over at Yahoo's Search Marketing blog, Marketing Communications Manager Roger Park is offering up tips on converting your search ads.

  8. Google to Build New Offices at NASA

    Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin park their private planes at Moffett Federal Airfield for a mere $1.3 million per year and an agreement to fly NASA's equipment on research missions.via AP

  9. Google Earth Maps Walt Disney World Resort in 3D

    To enter the virtual park: Whether their choice is Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth, the big winners are consumers doing research on the Internet. Google Earth has created a 3D tour of Walt Disney World's 4 theme parks and 22 hotels and...