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  1. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    It's a seller's market. So if you are in the market to buy or sell digital marketing talent, credentials and certifications matter; even at a higher executive level to have a high level understanding of the basics of SEO terminology, reporting and...

  2. Ad & Marketing Execs See Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Investments Increasing [Survey]

    Knowing when, how and why your audience engages with your social media networks is key in how you market and engage. Then, refine your research to find where your brand’s users are. Being a part of Google’s social network has bigger implications to...

  3. Facebook-Datalogix Partnership to Track Offline Purchases by 100 Million+ Households

    Facebook has announced a new partnership with market analytics firm Datalogix, designed to measure how often Facebook's 1 billion users see a product advertised on the social site, then complete the purchase in a real-world retail store.

  4. Beyond Google: Tap Into the Alternative Search Engine Data Opportunity

    In a more mature market, tools will be made available to the masses, but that's not where we are today. Research today says that desktops are mostly used between 9 5 p.m. Brands are moving budget online faster than ever before; publishers...

  5. Asia Search Update: Yahoo Algo Transition Goes to India, Google Eyes Southeast Asia

    Gordon Choi, senior manager at local online travel portal Ctrip offers three steps for advertisers to plan their search campaign from trend research, keyword research, and process automation on Baidu and Sina Weibo, one of the more popular...

  6. 5 Options for Choosing a Country, Region, or Language Selector

    Utilizing your cookies upon their next site visit should let them go straight to their preferred market’s site. For SEO purposes, using a language selector is typically OK as long as you target the language within the market of the website, as in...

  7. Social Has Crossed the Marketing Budget Chasm; Will It Drown Search?

    Another factor that has helped social cross the chasm to the mainstream market is how trusted brands are giving this new technology credibility with mainstream consumers, as well as companies trading traditional marketing methods for social media.