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  1. A 5-Step Action Plan for Influencer Marketing & 9 Expert Tips to Get You Started

    Next, you use an influencer discovery tool to identify the right influencers and extract insights that help you decide who to reach out to and how to get them involved in your brand stories. Do you have data that would further their research?

  2. In Memoriam: Ren Warmuz of Trellian

    In the mid 2000s they launched "Keyword Discovery," which is one of the top keyword research tools to date. Documenting his epic battle every step of the way on his blog he leaves behind a legacy of research, alternative...

  3. Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Marketing Efforts Using Analytics

    This is important not just from an audience development standpoint, but also from discovery standpoint as YouTube tends to show videos with low audience retention rates far less frequently in Search and Suggested placements.

  4. 20:20 Vision: 20 Brands Share Insights on 20 Topics – Earned Media, Search & Social

    Acknowledge that search-discovery happens on more than just search engines (social networks, other devices, whereverconsumers choose to consume your content). Search-discovery isn't PPC/paid. Search-discovery is an investment (owned and earned).

  5. Rosalind Franklin and Photo 51 Honored in Google Doodle

    We're wishing a happy birthday to British biophysicist and X-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin, whose work was critical to our understanding of DNA and RNA and led to the discovery of the DNA double helix," Google announced via Google+.

  6. 3 Keys to Activating an Audience with Smarter Content

    Since you've got the tools in place to collect this data, use it to understand what's driving discovery and engagement among the target. Your audience data and web analytics can hold the key to understanding what kinds of stories told in which form...