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  1. 8 Lessons Learned From Owning a Search Agency for 15 Years

    We brought IndexTools to North America, which eventually was sold to Yahoo in 2008. Never email a proposal; if you are going to invest time doing the research and putting a proposal together, they can give you full attention for one hour.

  2. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    It is important when implementing search marketing in Latin America to be observant and respectful of these differences, which is just another way that the Spanish-speaking countries differ from each other.

  3. Future of Search & Content Marketing: Expand Your Mindset

    Think Bank of America, said MacGurn: If users are searching for “B of A” on their mobile device, they’re not likely looking for an “about us” page; they’re looking for contact information. The percentage of people who used social media to find...

  4. Give a Little, Get a Lot: How Superstar SEOs Use Content to Outshine Their Peers

    The process showed that the majority of traffic came from North America, with barely one in ten from Asia/PAC. At Conductor, we recently published a comprehensive research study that analyzed the behaviors, tactics and strategies of superstar SEOs...

  5. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Twitter Partners With BBC America to Promote Branded Videos – MashableThe first "in-Tweet branded video synced to entertainment TV series". Google Removes Related Searches – Blind Five Year OldUseful keyword research feature has vanished from...

  6. More Than 100,000 Sellers Have Inventory in New Google Shopping Model

    Google will release new merchant tools in the coming months and plans to roll out PLAs and Google Shopping in Europe, Asia, and Latin America in 2013. Amazon just stole Google’s crown as the top shopping research destination this summer; this...

  7. Search Marketing & the Fine Art of Nexting

    It promises a good dose of outrage (if not simple rage), and echoes the archetypal story of the weakling redeemed (think of the scrawny guy getting sand kicked in his face in the Charles Atlas ads, or the plot of Captain America, or just about any...

  8. Facebook Ads 80% Bot Claim, Examined! Why You Shouldn’t Lose Faith Just Yet

    However, international clicks can cost a quarter as much as the USA or less, so the bot percentage may be somewhere between acceptable and better than America net. To illustrate our past experience, and research Limited’s claims, we performed our...

  9. VeryPink Uses YouTube TrueView In-Search Ads to Reach Knitters for 3 Cents a View

    Perry’s views are not limited to North America. When Perry notices popular search terms for certain topics, like “how to knit a spiral scarf,” and she has no lesson about that, she will create one, effectively using search as a market research tool.