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  1. Mobile Implementation Errors Cost Sites 68% of Organic Smartphone Traffic [Study]

    For more information on the mobile research coming from BrightEdge, including tips on how to choose and implement a mobile solution, the full report can be accessed here. BrightEdge research showed that no HTTP Vary header was a common mistake...

  2. 3 Killer Survey Questions to Generate Useful Content For a Link Building Campaign

    You get sector-specific research on which to base sector specific content. However, that material may not be complete – a client's knowledge of their own customers is often far from perfect. A customer survey can be a source of rich content.

  3. Forget Big Content – Small Content Is Critical to Search Success

    Early research on the sites to have benefitted from Panda 4.0 suggests that those brands investing in creating immersive content experiences won, and won big. And while that is true to some degree, it is also a view that is dangerously one...

  4. Videos Dominate Universal Search Results 65% of the Time [Study]

    In its latest research, Searchmetrics studied the universal search results for millions of keywords over the course of one year (2013) to gauge what has recently changed, and how. The research found image integration was showing more frequently in...

  5. SES Atlanta is Just 3 Weeks Away: Learn Top SEO & Paid Search Tactics, Tips & Tools

    Lorna Candy: Our research with the industry tells us there is a continuing need for very focused search marketing conferences – search moves so fast and is so complex that it's hard to keep up with what's happening.

  6. Yandex's Sibir Reverse Image Search Technology is Pure Awesome

    The most common situations include authenticity, accurate research, higher photo resolution, copyright infringement, and shopping. Many other companies have done their research into similar technology and all of them are quite good, however it's...

  7. Pre-PPC Strategies For Launching a New Product

    The initial market research should inform the creation of my Minimum Viable Product (MVP), a phrase popularized in Eric Ries' book The Lean Startup. Before we solve that problem, let's talk briefly about what that preliminary market research needs...