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  1. 8 Lessons Learned From Owning a Search Agency for 15 Years

    All too often we get caught saying yes we can do that to every request a client makes and it can really backfire. You only get one first impression and one chance to present your proposal. Never email a proposal; if you are going to invest time...

  2. EU Request To Retain User Data From Search Engines Sparks Widespread Anger

    Italy's European Member of Parliament, Tiziano Motti, is the author of the proposal, commonly known as Written Declaration 29, adopted last week. Search engines are a hot topic at the moment, especially for governments wanting to regulate them in...

  3. Are You Giving Away Free SEO Advice?

    On top of that, the bigger question is how a SEO company can protect themselves from "bottom feeders" who put out a SEO request for proposal only to get firms to provide free advice. When I put together a proposal, I try to be transparent.

  4. Give SEO Time!

    Mind you, this request for proposal was for a Web site that has a Google PageRank of 0. Like last week, when I received a request for proposal from a ticket reselling company. that someone will send this guy a proposal.

  5. Great Expectations: How to Communicate SEO Value

    You've answered the request for information (RFI), presented the request for proposal (RFP), and won the business. You've made it through legal review, developed a strategy, and got the client to implement your recommendations.

  6. What You Need to Know Before Committing to SEO

    This is where the "urgent" request for proposal is most problematic. "We need to get an SEO effort underway immediately. How much does it cost? Congratulations, you've just set yourself up for a bad experience!

  7. Step into the Ring for a SEM Pitch

    Brace yourself for the request for proposal (RFP). A request for information (RFI) document is usually sent by the client in order to obtain statistical information about your agency and its search disciplines.

  8. Yahoo Responds To Icahn

    s request. Yahoo's Chairman of the Board Roy Bostock fired back a reply, on behalf of the beleaguered board members Carl Icahn has been trying to replace, stating Icahn had a "significant misunderstanding of the facts about the Microsoft proposal...

  9. Yahoo to Microsoft: We Already Dumped You

    As a follow up to a recent meeting among our respective legal advisors we had on this topic, and at your request, we provided to you on March 28 a list of additional information we would need to further our understanding of the regulatory issues...

  10. Stop Press: Google News Edges Past Yahoo News in UK

    SEO Request for Proposal RFP, Vizion Interactive This important bulletin just handed to me. According to the latest data from comScore World Metrix, Google News UK has edged past Yahoo News UK & Ireland in total unique visitors for December 2007.