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  1. Reputation Management: PR vs. Search vs. China’s Water Army

    As a brand marketer targeting China, it's easy to get local PR firms that hire the water army - better known in Chinese as “Shui Jun” - to post positive comments about your company or negative comments about a competitor on the Internet under the...

  2. Online Reputation Management Case Studies: BP Oil Spill, Toyota Recall, and Goldman Sachs Fraud Charges

    Another source familiar with BP's communications strategy says the company also hired local public relations firms in the four affected states. Two years ago, I wrote "Online Reputation Management Requires Cabinet War Rooms.

  3. Buzz Monitoring = Brand Development

    Some firms have proprietary technology. It's how the problem is resolved that matters, and determines a company's reputation. You're putting your company's reputation in someone else's hands, so make sure you trust those hands.

  4. Constructive feedback on online reputation management

    So, I know several SEO firms that "get" online reputation management, But, here's a PR firm that has gone beyond spouting empty platitudes about the topic and has conducted an ongoing analysis of “CEO Departures” to put “leadership communications...

  5. Trackur Offers Easy Online Reputation Management

    It's also aimed at PR firms that want to add online reputation monitoring to their existing "clipping" services. Last week, Andy Beal released an online reputation management tool called Trackur. Users can be up and running with Trackur in just 5...