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  1. SEO vs. SEM Timelines: A Medical Analogy

    The doctor might ask you to follow up in a week or so to see if anything has changed (reviewing ranking reports). Marketing directors and search engine optimization (SEO) consultants are often questioned by their bosses and clients about the...

  2. How to Use Google Analytics Site Search Reports

    If that was ticked for Search Engine Watch all search results URLs would show in the content reports under /search, whereas without ticking it each search will generate a URL with the query included, which will break out the results and not allow...

  3. Search is the Starting Point for 60% of Travelers, While Social Informs [Study]

    Kenshoo reports 58 percent of leisure travelers and 64 percent of business travelers begin with search, with one out of four tablet users converting by booking air travel on a tablet. Market for the travel industry?