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  1. Wael Ghonim Leaving Google To Help With Egypt's Reorganization

    Wael Ghonim, the Google Middle East employee who was detained during the revolt in Egypt announced he will be taking a long-term leave of absence from the company to start a non-governmental organization in Egypt, Wired reported.

  2. A True Social Revolution: Egypt President Mubarack Steps Down

    In an interview "after his release from an Egyptian prison, the Google executive Wael Ghonim acknowledged Monday that he was one of the people behind the anonymous Facebook and YouTube campaign that helped galvanize the protest that has shaken...

  3. Egypt PM: Missing Google Exec. To Be Released Today

    UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal reported Ghonim has been released. Ghonim would be released on Monday afternoon," the New York Times reported. Ghonim has become a big part of the protests in Cairo, with the anti-government group occupying Tahrir...