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Reported Company Ceo Carol Bartz

  1. Marissa Mayer Brings Hope to Yahoo

    Thompson’s deal was valued at $27 million (while Carol Bartz's deal was worth $44.6 million). Marissa Mayer’s arrival as Yahoo’s new CEO has Yahoos hopeful. In recognizing our team’s deep talent, we all owe thanks to Ross Levinsohn, for his...

  2. Microsoft's Yahoo Bid May Have the Right Stuff

    Marc Andreesesn has been discussed as a possible CEO since Carol Bartz was fired. Andreessen has been suggested for the position by a number of stockholders, but had been hesitant possibly because of his close friendship with Jerry Yang - current...

  3. Search a Bright Spot for Yahoo, too

    During the call, new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz assured analysts she was not hired to sell the company, that she h"didn’t arrive with preconceived notions about anything," in regards to selling the search business, although "everything's on the table.