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Replacement Windows

  1. Pros & Cons of the Top Mobile App Tracking Methods

    Pros: ODIN provides standardization with an identifier that could be used across iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. The goal of OpenUDID is to provide a replacement for UDID which remains persistent on the device, is accessible and unique across apps...

  2. Yahoo's Next Move

    Thousands of search marketing, Internet advertising, marketing, and technology trade professionals would be washing windows, flipping burgers, or sitting in cubicles reading TPS reports had it not been for the actions of these two men.

  3. Compare & Contrast: Ad Guidelines At Overture & Google

    Someone who searches on a topic such as "Apple computers" probably doesn't want to end up on a home page for a store that sells only Windows-based PCs. In short, no replacement of words with symbols for space saving reasons.