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  1. Google Display Network Exclusion Tactics: Don’t Drink from the Fire Hose

    Excluding a placement at the campaign level means that no ad group will display ads on that site, and this is a broad stroke for a GDN campaign. If you see a website within your placement performance report that is generating clicks but no...

  2. Personalized e-Commerce Sites Can Increase Conversions by 70%

    Google offers placement targeting for specific sites or sections of sites where advertisers want their ads to appear. The ads direct customers to landing pages or web pages on the advertisers' e-commerce sites that are optimized for these...

  3. Placement-Targeted Campaigns: Taming the Beast

    According to Google, a new placement-targeted campaign starts out with a low quality score – an intentional "demerit" designed to inhibit "spammers" from deluging AdSense publisher sites with low-cost, low-quality ads.

  4. Killer Site Targeting: PPC Content Scrape & Bake Tools

    Rather than manually weed out the less-relevant URLs, I simply pasted the entire list into Google's Placement Tool – and let the tool tell me which sites accept AdWords ads. Observant readers might recall a recent column where I described a problem...