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  1. How Will Voice Search Change SEO for Local Stores & Global Enterprises?

    On a desktop, these searches would most likely be searched as [cell phone shop] (12,100 search per month in US). Conversational search capability has come to desktop search, allowing searchers to refer seamlessly back to their previous searches.

  2. Smarter Marketing and the Weak Link In Its Success

    Harvesting the voice of the customer is a huge challenge for a large advertiser – with many websites, in many countries, in many languages, and across multiple devices – mobile, tablet, and desktop. The majority of advertisers understand that...

  3. New Players in Travel Search

    The site has also developed a number of widgets (Google Desktop Plug-in, Yahoo Widgets, FireFox Extensions, and Apple Widgets) resulting in over 200,000 downloads. The display and filtering technology is exactly what you'd expect to see from a 'new...