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  1. Average American Viewer Watched Over 200 Videos for Almost 22.3 Hours in July 2012

    So, as Daisy Whitney of ReelSEO reported back in December 2011, “According to a Break Media study of agencies and advertisers, about 2/3 of marketers say they’ll increase their budgets for online video ads this year, and some of them will be...

  2. Major YouTube Redesign Zooms in on Channels, Video Discovery, Social Sharing

    For example, Jeremy Scott of ReelSEO said,” I’ve tried it out, and I must say… it seems pretty cool to me at first glance. With more than 3 billion videos viewed each day on YouTube, why bother? Well, with nearly eight years of new content uploaded...

  3. Search Week in Review for Feb. 19, 2011

    The Latest YouTube Legal Issue Seems Horribly Overblown - ReelSEO What Video Production Pros Need To Know About Marketing - ReelSEO Types of Helpful SEO Content by Mark Jackson Forget algorithms. The biggest influence on search rankings is content.