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  1. Microsoft's Accidental Leak of Tulalip Social Search

    Tulalip, the name of the Native American tribes near Microsoft's Redmond office, seems to be a social search feature integrated with Twitter and Facebook., a domain name recently purchased by Microsoft, briefly posted a landing page for a...

  2. Well, raise my rent. Microsoft is the good guy!

    How about a round of applause for the Redmond Kid? So, when I got into the search engine industry in early 2002, I admit that I had some preconceived notions about the folks from Redmond. You are the kid.

  3. Yahoo! News Executive Editor Heads to Hearst

    Prior to that, Sean Suchter, Qi Lu, and Scott Moore gave up their purple people status for digs at the Redmond-based software giant. Yahoo! s executive editor and general manager of news is heading to Hearst.

  4. Yet Another Yahoo! Heads to Microsoft

    Heck is just the latest in a stream of Yahoos leaving the purple behind for employment with the Redmond-based software giant. Larry Heck, the vice president of Search & Advertising Sciences at Yahoo Labs, has been wooed by Microsoft.

  5. Confirmed: Yahoo's Sean Suchter Heads to Microsoft

    Microsoft has confirmed that Yahoo's VP of Search Technology, Sean Suchter, is headed to the Redmond, WA-based company. Satya Nadella, SVP, Search, Portal and Advertising said, in a statement: We are very pleased to confirm that Sean Suchter will...

  6. Microsoft's Net Income Increases by 2%

    REDMOND, Wash. Microsoft announced its earnings for the fiscal quarter ending September 30, 2008. For them, it's the first quarter of their fiscal year, while other companies go with the traditional calendar and call it their third quarter.

  7. Google Rumored to Buy Digg for Third Time

    Microsoft has an advertising deal with Digg so the deal would be a competitive blow to the Redmond giant. A few months ago we explained why Digg would be worth $200 million to Google. Now it appears the rumor mill is reporting that Google will buy...

  8. Google CEO Affirms Stance on Independent Yahoo

    He also said that the Redmond-based software giant has a history of being anti-competitive, and that's evidence enough of their intentions with acquiring Yahoo. In the wake of Carl Icahn's declaration that Microsoft would buy a Yahoo run be a...

  9. Get smart at universal search SEO training class in Seattle

    But, conduct a web search using Google for the term, Steve Ballmer, and you'll see an example of a company in Redmond, Washington, that needs help optimizing for universal search. Greg Jarboe: Search Engine Strategies (SES) is asking us to teach a...

  10. SearchDay: Yahoo's Judgment Day

    From Redmond, It's Microsoft Powerset Live! Today's Top Story KevinRyan Yahoo's Judgment Day SEARCHING FOR MEANING Microsoft was set to save Yahoo from certain death with a solid offer to purchase assets, or so we thought.