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Recruitment Process

  1. Find & Hire Talent With LinkedIn Education and the Student Job Portal

    Within 48 hours of posting my recruitment ad for a marketing assistant on LinkedIn, I received over 100 resumes and had to close my ad because there were so many great candidates. The hiring process was fraught with issues: misrepresentation of...

  2. Yahoo!'s Hot Jobs to Offer Performance-Based Recruitment Solution

    The new offering is poised to not just save human resource departments money but also to streamline the recruiting process as well. Job search site HotJobs, which is owned by Yahoo! has announced a new performance-based offering for recruiters.

  3. Recruiting the Right People for Your SEM - Part 2

    This column reviewed recruitment and finding the right people for your SEM agency. In my last column I looked at beginning the hiring process for your SEM agency. Work through the cover letters, resumes, and applications and document your findings...

  4. Yahoo Gets REAL About Job Searches

    HotJobs has a distinct advantage as online recruitment evolves and insights and technology play increasingly important roles. a key pillar in our strategy to deliver the best in performance and value for recruitment advertisers," said...

  5. Inside the Searcher's Mind: It's a Jungle in Here!

    Online Recruitment May 26 2004 10:23AM GMT After completion of their search interaction, an Enquiro staff member reviewed the activity with them and interviewed them during the process, asking them about their impressions of actual search...

  6. Yahoo! Launches New Product Search

    Online Recruitment Sep 22 2003 11:44AM GMT It's a terrific tool, one that can quickly simplify the process of researching complex products with multiple features by letting you narrow in on the specific features that are important to you.

  7. RealNames Slipping Generics Into Specifics

    Online recruitment company obtains exclusive use of Internet keyword 'jobs'," the subhead says, followed by this key statement in the second paragraph: "With the use of Internet Keywords, expands its Internet reach to millions of job...