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  1. 3 Hot Bing Ads Features for 2013 from a Certified Search Nerd

    The best part is you don’t have to enable this feature, Bing looks for punctuation in your ad description and then simply rearrange your existing ad to boost performance. From my corner of the search marketing industry, there’s been the important...

  2. Advanced PPC Optimization Techniques for adCenter: Filtration and Quality Score Considerations

    Using params, you're able to control how your bidded keyword appears in your ad, with the ability to chance the keyword's case or spelling, to rearrange the word order in which it appears and/or even add specific action words.

  3. Searching on the Right Side of the Brain

    Clicking a category causes the map to instantly rearrange itself, revealing subcategories and their particular associations with one another. Your brain dominance may play a major role in your success in finding what you're looking for on the web.