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  1. Why Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Isn't for the Birds

    Where (Place: User is located) can I buy (Intent: Purchase) a Larry Bird (Person: basketball player) shirt (Product: [via Association of Product to Player to Team] Boston Celtics shirt #33) With better meaning and context of understanding, I...

  2. The 11 Most Popular Sports Teams in the World in Social Video [Report]

    Sports teams frequently reward their fans with behind the scenes videos or the unveiling of a new car / player. Real Madrid (Spanish Liga BBVA Soccer) With sports teams you have built in celebrities, fans want to know what Red Bull's Sebastian...

  3. The Dirty Lawsuit Could be First of its Kind in Reputation Management

    The dispute between Jones and The Dirty began in 2009 when an anonymous poster reported that she had sex with every football player on the team as a Bengals cheerleader and had contracted sexually transmitted diseases.

  4. Branded Videos Shared More Than 500,000 Times Every 24 Hours

    Interestingly, online sharing and emailing of the link are immediate reactions, highlighting the need for sharing functionality within a video player - users do not come back and share a video later, it is a spontaneous exercise.

  5. March Madness = Search and AdWords Madness?

    Twitter handles such as @MarchMadnessTV with 28,000 followers and @marchmadness with more than 128,000 followers are still advertising team/player interviews and promoting their online store after Tweeting real-time during the March Madness games.

  6. SES New York Keynote Speaker Says Internet is TV’s Best Friend

    MP: Tablets, smartphones, and laptops enable television’s portability but it’s apps like HBO Go, ABC Player, Xfinity Remote, and CNN that deliver “TV” content via those devices. Since Twitter is open and public, it acts as television’s backchannel...