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  1. Responsive Site Redesign: 4 SEO Considerations

    Doing this will tell crawlers that the HTML being served on that URL may vary depending on user agent, such a googlebot or googlebot-mobile. HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/html Vary: User-Agent Content-Length: 5710 (.rest of HTTP response headers.

  2. When will ROBO's Time Come?

    Even the simple concept of where my nearest insurance agent or Target store is -- one level up in the consideration phase -- could give advertisers a more compelling capability. For now, he's focused on the task at hand: reaching opportune...

  3. Why Links are Like Shoes

    If you're a real estate agent in Atlanta, and you link to a real estate Web site in the Ukraine, and they link back to you? I bet one in a million visitors to your site might even consider buying Ukrainian real estate.

  4. Dana Todd and Sarah Holoubek on SEMPO at SES NY 2008

    Anne Kennedy, Manager and Managing Partner of Beyond Ink, interviewed Dana Todd, the CMO of Newsforce, and Sara Holoubek, a Free Agent Consultant, about The SEMPO Survey: 2007 State of the Market. Sara Holoubek is a free agent consultant, advising...