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  1. SearchDay: Taming the Placement-Targeted Campaign Beast

    Placement-Targeted Campaigns: Taming the Beast» CONTENT ADVERTISING: Learn key differences between search and contextual ad campaignsHaving trouble with Google AdWords placement-targeted campaigns? Search: The Next Five YearsPosted by Mike...

  2. Placement-Targeted Campaigns: Taming the Beast

    In an earlier column, I advised readers to monitor performance of keyword-targeted campaigns on a site-by-site basis using Placement Performance reports. Several readers have written to report that they've attempted to implement this strategy, but...

  3. Killer Site Targeting: PPC Content Scrape & Bake Tools

    Observant readers might recall a recent column where I described a problem with the Placement Tool – the Tool frequently fails to identify sites that accept AdWords ads. This week I'll turn to a new method for finding sites for Google AdWords...

  4. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    Whether you're optimizing web pages for top rankings or purchasing paid placement links, it's crucial to measure the performance of your efforts. PR is a different creature from advertising, just as SEO and paid placement are different.