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  1. Search Top Priority Among SMBs [Study]

    The great strength in social media, in reach, spend, and diversity. These businesses are known as SMB Plus Spenders and invest approximately $25,000 to $79,000 annually on advertising and promotion. The results of the survey show that for 2015...

  2. Looking back: El Niño boosts weather derivatives

    But now, a true OTC market in pure weather contracts has developed, although the market has yet to reach critical mass and more participants are needed to provide liquidity. December 1997 saw one of many false starts for weather derivatives

  3. BoE’s Cunliffe: era of free liquidity is over

    I think the capital and liquidity requirements are sufficiently broad that they give institutions quite a lot of latitude about how they reach those requirements, whereas the activity restrictions are sufficiently specific that you don't have that...

  4. Green is the colour of choice for BNP Paribas in France

    A leader in the listed space, BNPP introduced new ways this year to reach its retail and private clients in France online and via their mobile devices. BNP Paribas (BNPP) showed this year that its commitment to green goes beyond the colours in its...

  5. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    When Facebook finally admitted that organic reach was down for many businesses, they explained why by pointing out that Facebook is dedicated to show only the highest-quality content and reducing the amount of spam-like content in the newsfeed.

  6. The secrets of successful energy trading firms

    Those companies may well reach similar levels of stardom as their predecessors – and they are also likely to make the same mistakes. For the past 20 years, Energy Risk has reported on the many ups and downs of the global energy market.

  7. UK markets review focuses on FICC structure and conduct

    We can do what we can here in the UK, but we can also make a clear effort, especially in the months ahead as we make the consultation process, to reach out and try to build an international consensus on the reform of these markets.

  8. 3 Building Blocks for Content and Search Marketing Success

    It is a form of converged media that combines paid and owned media while allowing you to distribute and increase reach via earned media (social). The search-marketing environment that we live, communicate, and work in has changed rapidly from a...