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  1. Delving into the SearchMonkey

    Search index (via data feeds or page mark-up such as microformats or RDF) or by using APIs or page extraction. SearchMonkey supports multiple formats, including microformats, RDFa, eRDF, XML feeds, and APIs such as OpenSearch, so publishers have...

  2. FeedPlex, An Engine for XML Content Relaunches in Beta

    FeedPlex, an engine for XML content (RSS, RDF) is back online. The database is being revamped and expanded by Nathan Enns, the person who also runs FyberSearch. Enns acquired FeedPlex last year from Sid Yadav who also runs The Daily Rundown blog.

  3. Special Search Tools & Products Issue

    This report covers metadata and search engines, including new resources such as XML and RDF metadata, the Dublin Core NISO standard, Adobe XMP metadata within files, and topic maps. Search engine for both structured (databases and XML) and free...

  4. The Search Engine Update, August 2, 1999, Number 58

    The authors concluded, and I'd agree, that such low usage means that take up of proposed RDF/XML tagging standards is likely to be slow. THE SEARCH ENGINE UPDATE August 2, 1999 - Number 58 By Danny Sullivan Editor, Search Engine Watch http...

  5. The Search Engine Report, Dec. 4, 1997, Number 13

    The development is accompanied by a variety of acronyms: RDF, XML, and way back, there was some hype about MCF. RDF tags (schemes is the proper term) are to be written using XML. Hence, the new name: Resource Definition Framework, or RDF.