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  1. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Product Development GOAL: Grow Awareness, Reduce Ad Costs event-related online brand mentions (e.g.announcement, product release, etc. GOAL: Grow Awareness, Reduce Ad Costs brand/product online social mentions, pins, etc.

  2. How SEO Attracts & Converts Customers in the 3 Purchase Decision Phases

    Most brands find it easier to dominate search engine results for the name of their company, brand, product or service. Most who optimize know that optimization for brand, product/service, and location can greatly increase visibility in search...

  3. Social Retail: Finding, Engaging & Cultivating Today’s Connected Consumer

    With increased social recommendations being at the forefront of information gathering and product/brand discovery, it’s incredibly important that brands are taking advantage of these touch points and creating opportunities for consumers to create...

  4. Blog SMO Guide: How to Apply Social Media Optimization to Your Blog in 33 Steps

    SMO can be applied to blogging, microblogging (social status updates), product pages, email, and more. Tip: PostRank is a service that measures the active engagement of blog posts. The W3C HTML Validation Markup Service and HTML Validator Firefox...