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  1. Q&A with Jason Calacanis, Founder & CEO,

    The prize is $1 million in AdWords, 12 hours on the Google Jet, and a MacBook Air autographed by Steve Jobs. As time goes on, the amount of work for an SEO to rank a thin site is going to be two to three times the amount of time it takes to make a...

  2. The Search Engine Report - Number 117

    Google Jet Lawsuit Has Been Settled - The dispute with an aircraft designer over the Google founders' private jet has been settled.MORE” Rand & Barry Rank The Best Search Blogs - Rand at SEOMoz posted his "Ranking 50 Top Blogs in the Search Space...

  3. Daily SearchCast, July 26, 2006: Google Use Of Landing Pages For Ad Rank Raises Issues; Google Now Reporting Invalid Clicks? Google Parachute (Beta) & More!

    Today's search podcast covers issues with Google making more use of landing pages to rank ads; Google now reporting invalid clicks to advertisers; online ad spend expected to continue rising; bailing out of the Google Jet and more!