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  1. St. Basil's Cathedral Google Logo Marks 450th Anniversary of Russian Landmark

    Most recently, Yandex tried to further solidify its position as market leader by teaming with Rambler, and earlier this year Yandex’s IPO was the biggest for an Internet company since Google, so perhaps this might be a small way to try and win...

  2. Yandex Geo-targeted Ads in Maps, Search Results Open for Business

    It also supports authorization schemes of a number of Russian services: Yandex, Mail.Ru, Vkontakte, Rambler, WebMoney, and Loginza," TechCrunch Europe reported. Russian search engine Yandex has introduced geo-targeted ads to its business...

  3. Google Buys Russian Ad Agency for $140 Million

    Rambler Media has sold Begun advertising agency to Google for $140 million. Rambler will also contract search technology from Google as part of the deal. Google is looking to extend its global ad reach with its purchase of a Russian ad agency.

  4. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Ukrainian search engine market: Google - 40.4%, Yandex - 16%, Rambler - 14.7%. Chirac backs eurocentric search engine from the Daily Telegraph covers how a new multimedia search engine is to get a 2 billion euro loan as part of an effort to...