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  1. Google Maps 'Doctor Who' Easter Egg Lets You Explore TARDIS

    Landlord a bit quirky but certainly pleasant enough, lots of fun, doesn't mind taking you on personal tours around the area (which seems to change every time we open the door). If you're a big fan of "Doctor Who", you'll love the new Google Maps...

  2. Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2011: Angry Birds, Black Swan, and Sexy Superheroes

    Get ready for Pumpkin Martinis and Margaritas if you’re hitting a party for Halloween; Yahoo has them at the top of the quirky Halloween food trends this month. Now that the big day is upon us, let’s have a look at the top costumes and search...

  3. Guerrilla Marketing for a Job at Google: The Resume Your Resume Could Look Like

    It’s quirky and kitschy, but it worked. We’ve seen people appeal publicly for employment with the search giant before, but none achieved the same viral success as the (sometimes) mustachioed Atlanta resident.

  4. As Facebook's Empire Expands, U.S. & Canada Interest Declines [Report]

    You know how, every once in a while, some crazy (or "quirky") person gets the idea to take over the world? Facebook is a global empire with a population equal to roughly 10 percent of the world's population, every man, woman, and child included.