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  1. Hit By Panda and Confused About Low-Quality Content? Run This Google Analytics Report Now

    I recommend reading the rest of this post now on Search Engine Watch, and then heading over to the tutorial to learn how to create the report. But I won't cover the tutorial here on Search Engine Watch (this post was already getting too long).

  2. The Impact of Penguin 2.1: Recovery, Knockout Punches & Fresh Hits

    When October 4th arrived, a spike in organic search traffic followed. A Penguin Hit Timeline Can Bring Answers: He contacted several people who had helped him in various capacities over the past few years, but one vendor came back with a quick and...

  3. How to Build Your First Content Marketing Strategy

    A quick search online will reveal that certain types of content are popular. Helps your site rank well in search engines. Sites with unsavory linking practices, sub-par content, and no social media signals, are losing visibility in Google's search...

  4. How Will Voice Search Change SEO for Local Stores & Global Enterprises?

    Quick answers to personal questions can be answered on the fly via Google Now technology. Let's take a quick dive into a recent voice search example on YouTube using Google Now for Android phones. In 2009 the authors of "The Art of SEO" predicted...