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  1. Search Engine Optimization Companies: Break Google's Rules to Get Top Rankings?

    A quick study of a few examples suggests "no": On occasion, I'll search [search engine optimization companies] on Google to see just who is showing up. Apparently, in order to rank for [search engine optimization companies], I should:

  2. The Evolution of Guest Blogging: Where Does it Stand in 2014 and Beyond?

    In a recent post that rattled the SEO industry, Google's Matt Cutts, the search engine's chief spam fighter, rallied a call that has many marketers quaking. There are many different kinds of writing available to content marketers, from in-depth...

  3. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 3: Facing the 'Fans'

    When the actual content is created there will need to be an element of technical optimization by way of keyword placement, engaging copy and effective calls to action, but these activities are secondary to releasing quality content that both users...

  4. Responsive Design vs. Task-Oriented UX Design

    The phone is better at receiving simple alerts and to provide quick responses than a laptop. Consider that a phone might also be used to make a simple, quick hotel reservation near your current airport in the event of a cancelled connecting flight.

  5. Google Display Ads on Mobile Devices: How to Avoid the Erroneous Clicks of Children

    Here is a quick breakdown of a few targeting strategies: Our GDN targeting found the right people based on cookies, or browser history, or search query history and that is great. Unlike the Search Network, you have a great deal of control over...