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  1. Google Tries to Steal How-To Traffic in Organic Search Results

    That is how many publishers have felt about Google stealing their traffic by providing more and more answers to questions in their Knowledge Graph. Think back to your childhood. You waited all year to dress up for Halloween and go door-to-door...

  2. 3 Killer Survey Questions to Generate Useful Content For a Link Building Campaign

    But to gather the sort of material you need, every customer survey should include these three often-overlooked questions. Here are three killer, but often overlooked, questions that will maximize the potential for creating useful content.

  3. Forget Big Content – Small Content Is Critical to Search Success

    Understanding what makes them happy, sad, angry, and enlightened will ensure you are positioning your content to answer those burning questions they'll be searching for later on. By typing in a number of key phrases into the tools, you can quickly...

  4. Pre-PPC Strategies For Launching a New Product

    But in order to use PPC to ask and answer questions about what the market thinks of your offers, you have to already have a product or service ready to go. PPC has long been the cheapest, quickest, easiest way to test-market products and services...