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  1. Want to Increase Your CTR by Nearly 50%? Consider Search Refinements

    The key takeaway for search marketers is that single phrases are rarely typed into a search engine in isolation; it's far more common for searchers to enter multiple phrases in rapid succession, building on each preceding one, until they find what...

  2. A Knowledge Gap Analysis Will Tell You What Web Analytics Can't

    If there aren't major gaps between the perfect flow and your existing design, then you should question your analysis before simply believing that your design is that accurate. Some common ways to include knowledge in your design are to promote a...

  3. Search Engine Optimization Companies: Break Google's Rules to Get Top Rankings?

    So here's a question for Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts: why does Google like this site so much? We (the "good guy" SEO companies) keep saying that you "can't do this" (and we have seen penalties and know this to be true), but when the...

  4. What is SEM? Depends on Who You Ask

    However, Bing Webmaster Archive offers the following answer to the question "What is SEM? When an industry can't come to common consensus about what a high-profile term really means, how can the business and brands shopping for, purchasing, and...

  5. Task Analysis: The Key UX Design Step Everyone Skips

    Another common mistake is to perform time and motion studies of the current design. Your objective should be first to determine which scenario represents the most common usage pattern of your users and then to optimize your design for that pattern.

  6. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    Answer: My gut reaction to this question is to say that the answer is False. I will concede and say that the answer to this question is that it depends on the blog authors. Duplicate content delivery is more common in blogs than one might imagine.