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Query By Example Refinement

  1. Yahoo's Shashi Seth Calls comScore Data Misleading, Blames Google Instant

    User actions that qualify an explicit query include those where a user hits "enter," clicks on an algorithmic or sponsored result, clicks one of the various refinement links (such as past 24 hours, etc.or clicks on a vertical search tab to execute...

  2. Google's SearchMash Gets Features & Microsoft's Sexy, Experimental Ms. Dewey Search

    In Ionut Alex's example over there for a search for magic, a new refinement area shows up at the top of the page suggesting another query (and some related results) to try: Dewey search engine is now outed as Microsoft's experimental search engine.

  3. Searching BG, Before Google, And The Need To Search Better

    Instead, if you really want to know specifically about the world history movement, you need some query refinement tools (which Google lacks) or you need to structure your query better, ironically similar to the way Tenner said you no longer...

  4. Google Recipes! Google Careers! Google Confusion! The UI Madness Continues

    It's an experiment at query refinement. Half-a-year of testing middle of the page query refinement, and you still don't know if you want to do it? Middle Of The Page Refinement: This is where Google inserts into the middle of the page results...