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  1. Google Shows Evolution of Search, Launches Interactive Timeline

    Google Fellow Amit Singhal said, "My dream has always been to build the Star Trek computer. Singhal notes, though, that even answering complex queries effectively won't be the end; users will simply raise the bar again, and Google will try to meet...

  2. Panda, Google's High Quality Sites Algorithm, Officially Adopts User Feedback As Search Signal

    In an interview with Wired, Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal, leaders in Google's search quality team, discussed the fact that surveys were conducted with outside testers to find out what their users considered to be a low quality site.

  3. Google Fights Claims of Bias in Instant, Local Search

    Yesterday, Amit Singhal, Google Fellow and head of the company's search quality, ranking, and algorithm team, denied another common allegation: that Google Instant favors big brands. Singhal also said that "what we do at Google and what we've done...

  4. Google On User Intent in Search Queries

    Google Fellow Amit Singhal is at the helm of the Official Google blog again and wrote about efforts Google makes to help searchers find what they're looking for. Singhal writes, "Search in the last decade has moved from give me what I said to give...