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  1. How Dollar Shave Club Got Their Sales Pitch in Front of 5 Million+ People

    Now I don't know how many fish were sold as a result of this - but I would imagine quite a few people have made the trip down to Queens Market just to see the "One Pound Fish Man"! For anyone who's been involved in sales and pitching processes, you...

  2. Bob Moog Rocks Google Homepage With Synthesizer Logo You Can Play

    Over an educational career that saw him attend Queens, Columbia, and Cornell, Moog earned a bachelor’s degree in physics, an electrical engineering degree, and a engineering physics. Google’s homepage logo today celebrates Robert “Bob” Moog...

  3. Alam Ara, First Indian Film With Sound, Celebrated with Google Doodle

    Based on a play, the movie is about an aging king and a rivalry between two queens over who will bear the king's heir. "Alam Ara" (which means "The Light of the World") was the first movie featuring sound in India's history, but no original prints...

  4. Goodzer Launch In-Store Product Search Map for New York City Shoppers

    Goodzer's initial launch covers more than 15,000 brick-and-mortar stores, big and small, in the five boroughs of New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island. With the shopping stampede commencing in...

  5. Where Search and Social Media Collide: Real-Time Search and Twitter

    He lives with his wife and two cats in Queens. Google has thrown its hat in the ring with Buzz. Multiple search engines are incorporating tweets and Facebook status updates into search results. Things are moving pretty fast, becoming real-time.

  6. SEO Performance Marketing: Paid Search is Accountable So Why Not SEO?

    He lives with his wife and two cats in Queens. Who's to blame for your company's marketing failures? And who gets credit for its marketing successes? The answer should be SEO, along with PPC and every other facet of your marketing programs.

  7. David Meerman Scott on The New Rules of Marketing and PR

    He lives with his wife and two cats in Queens. The rest is history.and the present and the future. Marketers have many new tools to reach consumers, from web sites to blogs and social media to videos and podcasts.

  8. Twitter User Arrested For Helping Pittsburgh Protesters Evade Police

    Elliot Madison, 41, from Queens, and Michael Wallschlaeger, 46, were tracked to the Carefree Inn motel in Pittsburgh, though the newspaper reported Madison was arrested at his home. A New York man was arrested for assisting protesters at the...

  9. The New York Public Library and Announce New Homework Service

    First, the acquisition of Brainboost and this morning, word that has teamed up with the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Public Library and the Queens Public Library to offer that "will assist" students with their...